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Wow this was pretty great! Check them out I just now discovered “Our Green Acre”

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I don’t know what’s going on here on the farm, but the lettuce is off the charts.  It is growing to the point that I had to remove the seedlings from the starting trays way earlier than I expected.   I transplanted as many as possible to the lettuce bed in the greenhouse, but that only held about 1/3 of the tray.  (I use plug trays for my starters)  I decided to utilize my unused herb garden that is located on our back deck for a cold frame.  I have never used a cold frame before, but I really didn’t have any other options.  I had one large piece of the greenhouse covering left over for a cold frame, so I dug it out and cut it to fit the herb bed.  The existing bed was already framed up and full of good dirt, so all I had to add…

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