Checkin’ on Chickens

Chickens are a great way to keep bugs out of your garden, break down garden refuse and some household scraps, create some amazing compost/fertilizer and of course, get a supply of fresh eggs for your home. If you get enough eggs you can share, barter or sell them. Before you decide what variety of chickens you want or how you want your coop to look you first need to determine if you are even allowed to keep chickens in your yard and what are your local limitations. Since this is a good time of the year to begin that process we interviewed Gretchen Anderson, experienced chicken owner and author of the book   The Backyard Chicken Fight   for our up-coming magazine (soon available on iPad Newsstand). If you would like to get a start now learning about having hens in your yard and issues to consider before you do please visit and “like” her books Facebook page. It has information on chickens and how to get your hands on a copy of the book.

Get started.