Facing Tropical Storm Andrea. Are you ready?

Tis’ the season friends. Andrea is the first named tropical storm of the 2013 season. Hence the name starts with an “A”. This is not yet classified as a hurricane but technically neither was Sandy at this point in the life of that storm. If you live on or near the East Coast what are you doing to make yourself more safe? If you are not doing anything I ask WHY?


If you know you are in the path of Andrea why are you not preparing for the encounter?

What are you waiting for?


I just received this email from Steven Harris. Steven is an expert in the field of making yourself ready for disasters of all types. REAL DISASTERS, BEFORE AND AS THEY HAPPEN.


This is not zombie stuff. This is happening NOW!


Email:  ”Joe,I’m very busy right now so I have to make this SHORT.
Remember “Hurricane” Sandy was only a huge tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Andrea is ONLY a huge tropical Storm and it is going to smash all the way
up the coast from Florida to Maine and its WIDE… just because you are inland do NOT
think you are NOT going to be affected.”


Well here it is folks. One of the things your tax dollars pays for and actually does well is the NOAA National Weather Service. Look at what is being broadcast for you at the time of this writing.


6-6-2013 map of projected Andrea storm path.

6-6-2013 map of projected Andrea storm path.

Click on the picture to get a more clear image.

OK, So I’m in the path, what can I do?


I’m glad you asked. No, really, I’m thrilled that you are even considering taking a next step. Breaking Urban Ground, as always, wants you to take the next step toward doing more for yourself. Thank you. Here is the rest of the email from my friend Steven Harris. Each link is loaded with info on things you can do



It’s all


Email cont’d: “Here is what I have for you NOW to prepare you NOW with stuff you CAN GET.

* Family Prep Course – Listen to it now.
– Food and Water from your Grocery Store, so easy, 30 second emergency bread.

* How to Power Your House from Your Car Course
– Simple 20 buck inverter, 10 bucks in bulbs, inordinate light, infinite cell phone

* Fuel and Fuel Storage Class
– How to store a lot of fuel quickly and easily so you are not a sucker in a gas line

* How to Keep your Refrigerator and Freezer COLD without Power
– Its so darn simple… you’ll hate yourself for not thinking of it.

* Emergency Home Power from a Battery Bank
– Works with or without your car, a dedicated marine battery, or 2, will do wonders

* Emergency First Aid Class that the Red Cross will NEVER teach you.
– Simple quick real world first aid for preppers, stuff Red Cross is too scared to tell you.

Think its TOO LATE ??? ITS NOT !!!
I tell you and show you all the items that you need so you can get them from the local store
OR you can get them from Amazon. Amazon will 2 day and overnight ship stuff to you and
it will show up the day before the storm even when all of the shelves at the store are EMPTY.

This is a little miracle secret of prep that most people don’t know about. If you join Amazon
Prime, overnight shipping is only 4 bucks. 2 day shipping is no charge. I think you can even
get the first 30 days for free and then you can avoid the yearly charge….

Keep Safe…this storm is moving fast and its big.

Steven Harris.

p.s. Tell your friends, put it up on face book, if you have friends in the storms path ALL they
need at NO CHARGE is at

So, if you are reading this you are almost certainly sitting at a computer. If you are sitting at a computer click a link of your choosing and take that step. This will not be the last storm disaster on the East Coast. If you don’t take steps to mitigate the effect it has on you then you accept part of the blame for the magnitude of the aftermath.





Breaking Urban Ground


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