“Pre” is the part of “Prepare” that makes it effective.

Spring is coming. The greys of winter will depart and the greens of spring will appear and with that some turbulent weather is sure to make an appearance. For some it can be tornadoes. For others hail and freezing or heavy rain. High wind is possible. Power outages are a given in many areas and possible in all areas. This is a good time to make sure you have the necessary gear and mindset to make these issues safer, more manageable and hopefully, barring structure damage, nothing more than an inconvenience.

I know some people don’t prepare at all (you know who you are). Perhaps because it appears to be overwhelming. So I found some information that is neat and clean and categorizes preparations into specific issues you might face.

Click here to visit Top Emergency Preparedness. Take one step to prepare for spring weather. Then take one more.

Taken with my phone. This funnel cloud did damage in East Boise.

Spring tornado in Southern Idaho. Supposedly tornadoes here are impossible. Whatever!