Canning Maple Syrup

 (I couldn’t have said this better myself)

Here is a very quick read on the simplicity of canning the syrup you just spent hours boiling down from the collected sap.

Yep, it’s this simple.


2 thoughts on “Canning Maple Syrup

  1. When sap is reduced to syrup it is boiled for hours and sometimes days to get rid of the 96%+ water content. It is also brought to a temperature 7 degrees above that of boiling water which is approx 219 deg F. So it boils longer and at a hotter temp than the normal hot water bath method of canning. I have Maple syrup from my first batch that is, as of this writing days short of 2 years old. It was canned as per the article above and is as tasty and clean as the day we did it.

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